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An 8 year old boy impressed me today. For the first time at school, my P4 class was learning about Hanukkah as part of a series of lessons on Light Festivals. Before we had even begun, this boy was volunteering lots of information:  Jewish people have the same God as Christians but don’t believe in Jesus; they wear really small hats; Hanukkah is in December and presents are given; Jews have their own language (Latin? No, Hebrew). This same boy had also instigated some interesting discussions the previous week when we were looking at Diwali. He told us that some people don’t believe in a God or gods and they are atheists. He had asked if we were going to learn about atheism and paganism. This boy just sprang to life during RME lessons. I asked him today how he knew so much about Judaism. “A TV programme.” A pause. “I watch South Park with my dad.”


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