I have just read the baseline text for the Reframing Literacy course for the first time and I’m feeling quite excited. It was clear, fresh, relevant and evidence-based. It is an antidote to the scaremongering that has accompanied some presentations to teachers about rapidly-evolving technology and the dark unknown of the future. Beyond Current Horizons concludes:

“For the most part, we see future developments as being firmly based in current practices and are therefore not predicting significant changes. Instead, we would argue that many aspects of literacy already present in today’s society that challenge the traditional emphasis on writing will become more prevalent in the decades ahead and that multimodal communicative practices outside of education will continue to drive change within schools.”

No need to panic but there is a need to change. However, help is already at hand. Carrington has constructed a table, based on Jenkins et al (2006):

Table 1: Digital literacy practices in a participatory culture


I like that table a lot and I need to find out how it can be used in school. I also like Marsh’s table which identifies the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding for the digital age:

Table 2: Key competencies in new literacy practices


During times of rapid change – which has been any time since the industrial revolution, really – there is a need to stay calm, examine and analyse the situation and put forward solutions. Researchers need to work fluently with central and local government and schools to feed ideas through the system. We need to hear different theories, be encouraged to question and so develop professionally.

Here’s the text:



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